Rangpitaara is an e-commerce platform for laces, borders, artificial hand made jewellery, antiques, handicrafts and various similar small and big things which are artistically attractive and have an ethnic touch. At Rangpitaara, we constantly look for traditional items from India’s best artists often hidden in remote and tribal areas, housewives with extraordinary talent dumped under the pressure of social responsibilities, people who have carried forward their art from generations to generations, which is now getting lost,all those artists who do not get a platform to share their beautiful creations. The major share of the earnings of Rangpitaara goes to such people and to those who  help them preserve their art. For every product you choose at Rangpitaara, there is a story to tell. Our products are usually hand crafted and hence each product has a unique appearance of its own which makes it stand out from the generic market.

If you have a talent that you feel needs to be show cased and fits in our pitaara, contact us and our team will get back to you. If you want to purchase something from our Pitaara, just do it and help us to serve the artisians of our country.

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